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Frances Harcourt-Brown (Rabbit CPD)

Frances Harcourt-Brown runs a series of courses that are aimed at vets and nurses with an interest in rabbit medicine and surgery. 2017 is the third year of Rabbit CPD courses. They are held near Harrogate, North Yorkshire. The venue is good and Harrogate is a lovely place to visit. There are good transport links. 

Frances Harcourt-Brown was the original and sole author of the Textbook of Rabbit Medicine. It was a book that took several years to write. Before she retired from veterinary practice in 2016, Frances was also a European and RCVS Recognised Specialist in Rabbit Medicine and Surgery who only treated rabbits. In her retirement, she is building on the success of her textbook by concentrating on providing free information about diseases of pet rabbits. By slowly adding articles and illustrations, as well as updating existing ones to this website, it is hoped that the Veterinary Information section will prove to be a valuable resource for vets, veterinary nurses and rabbit owners. 

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