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International Association of Animal Therapists (IAAT)

Sherry Scott MBE, President of IAAT, is one of the pioneers of physiotherapy for animals. She has been an animal physiotherapist for over 35 years and still provides the highest service to many, many veterinarians.

Sherry has been instrumental in the development of physiotherapy and physiotherapy equipment from the start. Being one of the longest working animal physiotherapists in the U.K, many professionals have benefited greatly from her wealth of knowledge and experience. She has trained and continues to train many successful physiotherapists both nationally and internationally.

Sherry will deliver physiotherapy to any animal that requires her services. It is not unknown for elephants, giraffes, bulls, pigs and parrots just to mention a few to be dropped into a normal days work. Sherry has assisted horses such as the famous Sefton and Tigre back to comfort and performance. Many horses and dogs on the circuit today rely on her services as part of their preparation and maintenance.

The National Association of Animal Therapists (NAAT) and its global counterpart The International Association of Animal Therapists (IAAT) was founded in 1990, by Sherry due to a lack of a governing body for any animal therapists. In 2003 IAAT opened its membership to UK members and NAAT was disbanded. 

Today, IAAT has over 250 members worldwide, and offers both full and student memberships to anyone studying Animal Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Animal Osteopathy, Animal Manipulation and Hydrotherapy.  IAAT also offers CPDs to all (including non-members), as well as research and case studies.


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