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The VetX Academy from Dr Dave Nicol

VetX Academy is a community where recent graduates receive mentoring, teaching and support to help thrive in the first five years after graduation. The class consists of a 12 month online structured teaching and mentoring program with community group support/networking. Plus two networking meet-ups each year. One at BSAVA Congress, the other at London Vet Show. Vets are mentored by an experienced and trained mentor to offer support and guidance during the 12 months. The benefits of membership are:

Unique skills teaching from the best minds in veterinary medicine (we have faculty from the UK and US providing teaching sessions). 

Support from a mentor who has your back. 

A network of like-minded vets. 

So put your career on a new trajectory and join the VetX community today. VetX exists to help you THRIVE, not just survive!

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