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Lipogems® Equine and Canine

Lipogems® Equine and Canine is a new innovative application of regenerative technology. It is unlike any other regenerative therapy available in the current veterinary market for treating horses and dogs which has been directly translated from the science of Lipogems® International Spa. The application of Lipogems is currently being used in hundreds of trials in human medicine and is FDA Approved with numerous evidence based publications available to read in the public domain. The translation of the treatment has been successfully used for a range of common, sometimes career ending injuries and diseases in horses and ponies as well as injuries and degenerative diseases in dogs that are non-responsive to alternative treatments. ​Lipogems® Equine and Canine is provided by Lipocast Biotech UK Ltd who is the distributor and training provider for the UK.  To ensure the responsible use of this technology kits are only provided to veterinary surgeons that have been trained and accredited in the use of Lipogems. Ongoing support and collaborations are provided for all veterinary surgeons that are accredited.

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