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We learn best in a stimulating environment and retain the knowledge best when we are actually performing new tasks.

This is what our CPD courses with a difference for the veterinary team is about.

  • Our courses generally are run over several days, to enable you to fully immerse yourself in the subject.
  • We have small group sizes so that you get enough supervision.
  • We aim to provide a stimulating environment for the lecture part with energisers prior to the lectures to make sure you are charged up and ready to learn.
  • We take you out into the stunning Pembrokeshire scenery and make sure that your weekend is not only extremely useful for your job, but also very enjoyable.

CPD for the veterinary team brought by a veterinary team!

We, at All Pets Vet Care love our jobs and want to continue to learn and grow to ensure we give our clients the best possible care.

We constantly strive to improve our skills and regularly attend CPD courses to keep abreast of new technologies, new procedures and new drugs.

However, a few years ago, we went to some non-veterinary CPD. What an eye opener! 

Attention was paid to the learning environment, to keep us fresh and awake and to make things fun! 

Living on the Pembrokeshire coastline, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the loveliest beaches the UK has to offer and also some of the best venues for watersports. 

To this end, we have set up "Coast and ... CPD", where we bring together excellent veterinary tutors and one of Pembrokeshire's finest watersports providers to offer a unique and challenging mixture for our upcoming CPD courses. 

Starting with a course on canine dentistry, which will be part of a dental mini-series, further topics are already in the pipeline.

But it's about "healthy mind and healthy body" - or, in plain speak - let's have some fun as well!

Depending on tide and weather you will be offered the chance to learn to surf, paddle board or even kite board.  Or, how about Coasteering (a sport founded in Pembrokeshire) where you climb, jump and swim your way around the coast. Excitement, thrills, a chance to kick back and do something different.

So, if you want to improve your skills, learn new techniques AND take part in an enjoyable new activity, then why don't you visit us in Pembrokeshire and take the best of all that's on offer?

Places are limited.

Rydym yn gobeithio gweld chi cyn bo hir
We hope to see you soon.

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