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St David's Poultry Team

Training for Vets
Chicken Vet will be holding training courses for vets in the common ailments, diseases and treatments for domestic poultry.

These courses have arisen due to the ever increasing number of chickens being presented through the consulting room door and many vets having little experience in the treatment and diagnosis of chicken disease.

We are very proud to be developing a rapidly growing network of "Chicken Friendly" practices around the UK and by holding these courses we aim to spread knowledge of treating poultry health to these practices.

Training for Veterinary Nurses
Due to several requests and the popularity of our current vet CPD days, we are writing a Veterinary Nurse CPD training session centered on the pet chicken. 

The course material will be written and presented by one of our chicken vets, Richard Jackson or Ben Crisp and our field manager, Alison Colville-Hyde.

Course content will take you through the initial rearing of the pet chicken from hatching to point of lay. Handling, husbandry and nutrition are covered to give a comprehensive understanding of why chickens may develop health issues. Blood sampling and a post mortem will also be shown to assist a broader knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Nursing and caring for the chicken will also be covered.

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