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Feline idiopathic cystitis is a common and often frustrating condition to manage. In this webinar, Dr Caney will provide tips for effective assessment and management of this condition.   The webinar will include information on:

  • Diagnosing feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC) – what differentials need to be considered and how should these be ruled out?
  • What do we know about the causes and contributory factors for FIC?
  • What is Pandora Syndrome?
  • What is the role of stress in FIC?
  • What is MEMO?
  • What tips are there for litter tray management that can help in FIC?
  • What’s the best way to manage periuria (inappropriate urination)?
  • What are the key strategies for management of FIC and how can we achieve this?
  • What success rates should I expect with my treatment? 

Course material supplied includes:

  • Access to a 50 minute pre-recorded lecture: Successful management of feline idiopathic cystitis
  • One print copy of ‘Caring for a cat with lower urinary tract disease’ by Dr Sarah Caney and Professor Danielle Gunn-Moore
  • Course notes (available for downloading and printing via the pre-recorded lecture):
  • ​Optimising management of feline lower urinary tract disease’
  • PDF file of the lecture slides ‘Successful management of feline idiopathic cystitis’
  • CPD attendance certificate on completion of a short online test 


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