Surgery of the Eye, Ear & Mouth

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This two-day practical course will give you the opportunity to perform a variety of aural, ocular and oral surgeries increasing your skills, knowledge and giving you the confidence to perform these procedures in your clinic.

Ocular Adnexal Surgery
Day 1 will include simple and more complicated eyelid mass removals, entropion surgery, cherry eye, scrolled cartilage correction, enucleation and exenteration.

Aural and Oral Surgery
Day 2 will cover TECA/LBO, VBO, rostral mandibulectomy and salivary mucocoeles.

Learning objectives

By the end of this course you should have an understanding of:
• Surgical options for more complicated eyelid masses
• How to assess and treat entropion
• How to treat cherry eye and scrolled third eyelid cartilage
• Perform enucleations
• Applications of TECA vs VBO
• Basic oncological principles of rostral mandibular masses
• Diagnosis and treatment of salivary mococoeles


Speakers: Ben Blacklock & Kelly Blacklock

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