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About the course

I am very excited that Jo Hinde from Lagolearn will be providing a full day interactive rabbit CPD day for us. The day aims to cover the following in a theoretical and practical way:

  • Holistic anaesthesia – going beyond the vitals. This would explore the importance of husbandry and how diet, enclosure & behaviour can all affect anaesthesia. It would also include a brief recap of anatomy & physiology.
  • Airway Management – is there a gold standard? This will discuss the pro’s and con’s of current options and a range of scenarios.
  • Airway Management Practical. Hands on teaching where the delegates learn how to intubate a rabbit using a visualisation method.
  • The Hospitalised Rabbit – keeping them hoppy. This covers a range of info including kennel set up, assisted feeding & IVFT.
  • IV Catheter Practical. Hands on teaching where the delegates learn how to place an IV catheter in a rabbits marginal ear vein.
  • Common Conditions & Infectious Diseases. This will cover the most commonly seen problems and treatment options. It will also cover up to date information about Myxomatosis, RVHD1 & RVHD2 including vaccination, testing and treatment options.

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