Dressings, Drains and Sutures

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About the course

This one day course will help you improve your practical nursing skills and will help you become more confident in carrying out Schedule 3 procedures when in practice.  The course will look at the practical application of bandages and dressings in small animal patients, including dressings used on traumatic wounds and post-operative dressings.  A suturing session will cover the decision making process relating to wound closure, together with the selection of suture materials, suture patterns and a ‘hand on’ practical element.
Specific areas to be covered:

  • Types and application of dressings
  • Types and indications for primary dressings
  • Use and application of debridement dressings
  • Use and application of tie over dressings
  • Use of surgical drains
  • Suture techniques
  • Practical suturing session



Louise O’Dwyer MBA BSc(Hons) VTS (ECC) VTS (Anesthesia/Analgesia ) DipAVN(Surgical) DipAVN(Medical) RVN
Clinical Support Manager, Vets Now


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