Nursing the Hospitalised In-Patient

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About the course

Many nurses strive to deliver high-quality and appropriate care to all patients as well as their owners, however it is often not until you experience varied inpatient nursing that you learn the extra skills behind the theory that can make a real difference to a patient’s stay in hospital.

This is a one day course suitable for all level of nurses that aims to cover the many roles involved in nursing the canine and feline inpatient. It will assess the nursing process whilst evaluating the different nursing care plans, factors that affect an inpatient and assessments that nurses are required to make in order to maintain effective care. There will be a mixture of theory and case study discussions with encouraged audience participation.
Specific areas to be covered

  • The nursing process
  • Nursing care plans
  • Patient assessment
  • Environmental factors
  • Psychological factors
  • Nutrition & assisted feeding
  • Intake Vs Output
  • Pain and assessment
  • Advanced methods of monitoring/assessment
  • Individualising care
  • Specific conditions
  • Client communication

Bryony Gilder BSc (Hons) PGCert (SART) PGCert (Oncology)
Senior Neurology Nurse, Cave Veterinary Specialists


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