Surviving the Emergency Exotics Consultation: Tips for the General Practitoner

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About the course

Wildlife and exotic cases are being increasingly presented to practices, and many general practitioners feel overwhelmed by the huge range of species they may be expected to treat. Knowing what constitutes an emergency, and what advice to give to owners can be challenging with these less familiar species, and the approach to these cases differs in many ways from the more usual domestic pets. There are some fantastic reference resources available, but this course aims to provide you with the skills and knowledge to effectively triage these cases, and provide emergency care and stabilisation to buy yourself some time to reach for the textbooks! The day will cover the theory of emergency triage and stabilisation as well as cadaver wet labs to practise relevant skills and techniques such as venous access, intraosseous catheter placement, air sac intubation, bandaging and x-ray positioning.

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