About the course

Speaker: Kathleen Tennant

Fees: BSAVA Member £246.00 Inc VAT
          Non Member £369.00 Inc VAT

In this one day course we will cover a refresher of red cell, leucocyte and platelet measures and dynamics, exploring how values link to disease.

This will be followed by a case based microscopy session to illustrate how the machine values are confirmed, refuted or given depth by morphology changes on the blood smear. The range of selected cases should allow you to get the most from equipment you already have.

Learning objectives

  1. Understand how most haematology machines generate their results and common issues leading to spurious results.
  2. Appreciate how the formation, distribution and use of red cells, leucocytes and platelets affect the numbers you see on the haematology panel and how these can narrow differential diagnosis in sick patients.
  3. Assess anaemic patients for red cell regeneration and red cell morphological abnormalities.
  4. Be aware of how morphology and numbers together can tell you a great deal about what leucocytes are doing – and when they are telling you to worry about your patient.
  5. Recognize when patients truly have issues with platelets, and consider possible causes.

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