Exploratory Laparotomy: When and How

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About the course

Speaker: Sam Woods

Fees: BSAVA Member £246.00 Inc VAT
         Non Member £369.00 Inc VAT

The course will aim to refresh delegates knowledge of performing a full exploratory laparotomy. Using case-based examples and intra-operative images the indications for the procedure, the method of performing it and what to do when you find something abnormal will be covered. Practical tips will be given throughout to encourage delegates to feel equipped and confident to perform the procedures discussed. Discussion during the course is welcomed

Learning objectives

  1. Discuss the indications for performing an exploratory laparotomy in both routine and emergency cases
  2. Describe the method of performing a full exploratory laparotomy
  3. Evaluate the abdominal organs to know what is normal and what is not
  4. “Hints and tips” for making an exploratory laparotomy easier
  5. What to do when something unusual is identified during the exploratory surgery


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