Common Cancers in Cats – Not a dog’s tale

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About the course

Tutored by Dr Chiara Penzo DVM PhD Dip.ECVIM (Oncology) MRCVS. European and RCVS Recognised Veterinary Specialist in Oncology

Common Cancers in Cats – Not a dog’s tale

Common cancers in cats show important differences in presentation, prognosis and treatment with dogs. This course will prepare you for feline owners’ increasing demand of cancer treatment by offering a bench-to- bedside guide to the most common types of cancers in cats and challenge you to solve real life clinical cases.

Course Program

MODULE 1 Feline oncology – why cats are not small dogs

MODULE 2 Common forms of Feline lymphomas

MODULE 3 Mammary Tumours in Cats – beyond surgery

MODULE 4 Feline Injection Site Sarcomas

MODULE 5 Feline Oral Tumours – what’s possible & reasonable

MODULE 6 Skin cancer & cutaneous paraneoplastic syndromes

MODULE 7 Feline mast cell tumours – beyond the skin

MODULE 8 Final MCQ exam to gain your CPD certificate

This online course offers 8 hours of elective CPD and will help you to obtain practical answers to the most frequent clinical questions in the management of feline patients with cancer such as:

What diagnostic test should I choose?
When is clinical staging required?
Should I advise radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy?
Which protocol should I choose in my practice?
What is the prognosis with or without treatment?

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