Mental Health Awareness Training in Omagh - Joint meeting with The Mind Matters Initiative

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7 November 2017 09:30 - 7 November 2017 17:30

Mental ill-health will affect one in four people over the next 12 months. There are particular issues within the veterinary team, with higher than average rates of suicide, and patterns of distress, anxiety and depression, among other illnesses.

• Could you spot the early warning signs of distress, anxiety or depression in your colleagues?
• Would you feel able to talk to someone experiencing these symptoms?
• Do you understand the legal issues around managing someone with mental ill-health?

If not, then help is on the way with a course from the Mind Matters Initiative. The training aims to help individuals better understand the signs and symptoms of mental ill-health and know how to communicate with people they are concerned about. It’s not a counselling course, but provides basic information about how to manage important first conversations, and understand how to point people to relevant sources of professional help. It also offers tips on stress management and staying well.

Thanks to BSAVA funding, the course has been subsidised, and is available FREE to BSAVA members and is £40 per person for non-members.

Speaker: Trevor Bell

Courses are open to all members of the veterinary practice team.

Information about the course provider:

The programme
It is well documented that for all sorts of complex reasons those in the veterinary profession can sometimes find themselves very vulnerable.

It has been proven that information sessions and training around the subject of wellbeing and mental health can be incredibly therapeutic. The idea is that the more you know and understand about your own mental health the easier it is to empathise and help and support not only yourself but others too.

The programme aims to give participants the knowledge and confidence to recognise signs of the most common mental health issues, and the ability and confidence to facilitate/encourage someone to seek the right help, and to reduce the stigma around mental illness.

This programme allows people to consider their own mental health. It provides an overview of some common mental health problems, causes, symptoms and treatments, and teaches people how to:

• recognise distress
• be confident in providing support when issues start to present
• guide/facilitate a person towards appropriate support
• recognise self help strategies
• recognise why they may feel vulnerable

For more information about the Mind Matters Project please contact Director Lizzie Lockett, on

Don’t forget, you can count this towards your CPD.

FREE to BSAVA Members, £40 inc Vat for Non Members

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