Running Successful Puppy Socialisation Events & Developing Behaviour Counselling Skills

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About the course

This course is suitable for the veterinary nurse who is thinking about starting puppy socialisation events or for those already offering them but wanting to develop their skills and improve their puppy socialisation programme.

It also looks at some of the common behaviour problems encountered, primarily  in the dog but does touch on the cat, giving the learner the confidence to advise clients on how to deal with them safely. Behaviour counselling skills will be discussed to help assess the problem and communicate with owners effectively.

This Course is led by Caroline Clark RVN, the owner of Pet Education and Training. she is an ABTC Registered Clinical Animal Behaviour Counsellor and full member of the APBC. She runs a busy referral clinic and provides CPD to vets and nurses through hosted and in-house training events.

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