eCPD Wound Management Lecture Series with Nick Bacon

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About the course

In this 4 part series, Nick Bacon discusses wound management in everyday Practice. Although initially filmed with a vet nurse audience, the material is suitable for everybody within the clinical team.

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Wound management is an essential part of everyday practice, from dressing a simple surgical wound to the cat with a degloved forelimb or the dog with a bite wound. In practice nurses are often at the forefront of treatment and case management. Successful wound management stems from providing the ideal environment for the natural healing process to occur, this course will start with a revision of the healing process before moving onto how to ensure the best environment is achieved in different situations- from cleaning and debridement, which dressing to apply and when and dressing wounds in preparation for reconstructive surgery. The course will also discuss the uses of more traditional wound therapies such as honey, sugar and leeches, which still have their place within modern practice.

Topics to be covered include:

-A revision of the natural healing process

-Preparing a wound to promote healing

-Dressings- which ones, how and when

-Traditional wound therapies- the benefits of honey, sugar and leeches


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