eCPD Skinny Old Cats with Fiona Adam

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About the course

The first in a series of six videos with Fiona Adam investigating the common presentation seen in practice of ‘skinny old cats’.

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Skinny old cats are frequently presented in clinic and often represent animals in the later stages of disease or with severe acute disease, so work up and treatment protocols have to be established quickly in order to increase the chance of having a successful outcome. With the use of case examples, this series will help you to distinguish the causes of weight loss in older cats, how to make the best use of clinical pathology results, and which are the most up to date treatment protocols to use.

Topics covered include:

  • Making best use of clinical pathology results (bloods, urine etc)
  • Hyperthyroidism- where are we now
  • Idiopathic chronic enteropathy of geriatric cats
  • Small cell lymphoma versus inflammatory bowel disease- how best to differentiate, and does it really matter?

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