Practical Equine Gynaecology 3-Day Course

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About the course


Jonathan Pycock  MRCVS, James Crabtree MRCVS,  Monica Morganti MRCVS,
& Tullis Matson (Stallion AI Services)



Day 1:  

- Routine follicle and uterine evaluation: when to breed the mare
- Examination of mares at various stages of the cycle by delegates
- All aspects of semen collection & latest techniques in semen processing

Day 2:

- Pregnancy diagnosis, management of twins and dealing with problem mares
- Examination, treatment & uterine endoscopy of problem mares
- Overview of Embryo Transfer and the Transported Embryo Service
- Stallion and mare cases 

Day 3:

- Complications of late pregnancy with an update on placentitis
- Assessment of semen quality 
- Examination of late pregnancy mares by delegates
- Handling of semen samples to maximise pregnancy rates


Delegates are encouraged to bring along their own case studies for discussion.

The course caters to a variety of experiences, however, we advise a minimum of two years practice before attending this course.

Price includes accommodation, refreshments and course materials.

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