Considering the interplay between animal and human emotional health in the domestic context

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This one day course will discuss the relevance of emotional health in companion animals and explore the potential for links between emotional challenges for people and their pets. In particular there will be an opportunity to examine the link between domestic abuse situations for owners and the emotional health of their pets. The difficult topic of non-accidental injury in patients will be considered and the role of such cases as indicators of potential human abuse will be discussed. The course will also consider the behavioural consequences of compromised emotional health in dogs and cats and the potential for behavioural presentations to also be indicators of sub-optimal emotional environments.  This event is designed for veterinary practice staff and people working with the training world. 

RCVS and European Veterinary Specialist in Behavioural Medicine (Companion Animals) and Freda Scott-Park BVM&S, PhD, Hon.DVM&S, MRCVS will lead this fascinating day of CPD

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