Practical Ultrasound Class for Beginners

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About the course

This course is designed for the beginner ultrasonographer to start with the basics and build up confidence. Ultrasound confidence is all about hands on experience and practice. This course will be an informal session with up to 4 delegates at a time to get hands on scanning experience. Held at a veterinary practice with a vet and a good scanner. You will learn how to find all the abdominal organs and confidently scan these tissues learning what is normal and being taught about the various abnormal findings you might see. We will then move onto the thorax and look at the standard views of the heart. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to diagnose some of the conditions.

First session Friday 25th August 7pm to 9pm

Carnforth Pet Care, Greenlands Farm Village Lancashire LA6 1JH

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