Feline Kidney Disease Distance Learning

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About the course

This distance learning course is aimed at veterinarians and veterinary nurses keen to update and improve their understanding and knowledge of feline chronic kidney disease (CKD).  CKD is one of the most common diagnoses made in practice and all clinicians play a vital role in diagnosis and management. On completion of this module participants should feel confident in their abilities to diagnose and manage this condition.

Specific course aims include:

  • Understanding how an ‘early diagnosis’ of CKD can be made: diagnosing CKD before clinical signs are apparent helps to improve long-term quality and length of life in affected cats
  • Understanding what successful treatment of CKD entails: including information on renal prescription diets, subcutaneous fluid therapy and treatment of specific complications
  • Empower participants to feel confident about how to:
    • Advise cat owners regarding all aspects of feline CKD
    • Devise a protocol for health checks of older cats aimed at detecting subclinical illnesses such as CKD: what to check and how often and how to encourage health screening in your practice
    • Detect clues in the history that might indicate CKD (or other illnesses)
    • Assess bodyweight changes and judge their significance
    • Explain to owners how they can collect a urine sample from their cat at home
    • Analyse urine samples in the practice and advise owners on the interpretation of their cat’s urine specific gravity results
    • Confirm the diagnosis of CKD and identify common complications associated with this condition
    • Interpret blood and urine parameters relevant to CKD
    • Advise owners on how to manage common complications of CKD
    • Devise a protocol for long-term check-ups and monitoring of affected cats

Course material supplied includes:

  • One print copy of ‘Caring for a cat with chronic kidney disease’ by Dr Sarah Caney
  • Access to a pre-recorded lecture
  • Course notes (available for downloading and printing via the pre-recorded lecture)
    • Early diagnosis of chronic kidney disease
    • Treatment of chronic kidney disease
    • Strategies for successful healthcare of older cats
    • Useful checklists and questionnaires
  • Access to downloadable additional free-access material from our website relevant to this course
  • Access to an online assessment exercise after which you can download your attendance certificate

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