eCPD Nursing the Respiratory Patient with Fiona Adam

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A series of five videos with Fiona Adam looking at nursing patients with respiratory problems.

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Respiratory patients are a hugely variable population; from the cyanotic, aged Labrador collapsed in the waiting room, to the chronically snotty Persian who presents all too often for poor appetite and nasal discharge. Nurses can be key to the management of these patients- from skillfully managing a dyspnoeic dog to facilitating diagnostics and treatment, to caring for a anorexic, chronic snuffler in the clinic.
This series includes: promoting confidence when dealing with the dyspnoeic patient, revising radiography and looks at the management of cats with chronic nasal disease and feline asthma using case examples.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Managing the dyspnoeic animal
  • Radiographs- how and when to image the dyspnoeic animal; and a look at film reading
  • Nursing the chronic snuffling cat
  • Management of feline asthma

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