eCPD Feline Dentistry with Rachel Perry

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About the course

A series of seven videos with Rachel Perry covering the topic of feline dentistry.

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Feline dentistry can form a large part of day to day practice life, but yet can be one of the more frustrating and least enjoyable parts of your day, especially  when a “quick” scale and polish turns into a 2 hour dental marathon fighting with FORLs. This series of videos aims to refresh and reignite your skills and enthusiasm for feline dentistry, covering the commonly encountered dental diseases in the cat, reviewing the diagnosis and treatment protocols.

Topics covered include:
  • A review of relevant feline oral and dental anatomy to understand what is normal and what is not
  • Identification of the commonly encountered dental diseases in the cat and diagnosing by examination and dental radiography
  • Homecare options for cat owners
  • A review of medical diseases of the feline oral cavity including; chronic gingivostomatitis, neoplasia, eosinophilic granuloma and FOPS
  • Management options for feline maxillofacial and dentoalveolar trauma

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