eCPD Nurse Clinics – “Seven Steps” to Cracking Consult Skills

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About the course

A 3 part series with Kristie Faulkner in association with OnSwitch explaining the key skills needed to improve your consultation, create rapport and build client compliance.

***The cost of this course also includes unlimited access to for 1 full month, allowing you to view hundreds of hours of certified CPD lectures on a huge variety of topics!**

Nurse clinics are a fantastic way of improving client service, as well as being a proven way to generate significant income when run properly. Unfortunately consult skills are generally overlooked during training in the veterinary profession and we know it may not always come easy. We’ve developed a three part series of training videos on the 7 key consult skills- paying attention to these 7 key steps during a client consultation is proven to improve both practice efficiency and client satisfaction. Sounds simple, doesn’t it??And the theory certainly is. But delivering these steps in a way that engages your client so that they’ll whole-heartedly recommend your practice to friends and family is a real skill. One you can learn.  And this video will show you how.
Topics to be covered include:

-Creating rapport and engaging your clients
-How to make recommendations that will be well received
-Practical sessions to consolidate theory

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