The Approach to Common Surgical Procedures in the Rabbit

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About the course

Rabbits can be challenging from a surgical and anaesthetic standpoint, but familiarity with the quirks of this species, optimising anaesthetic approach and gaining confidence with surgical techniques can make them rewarding patients. This webinar will cover the approach to the surgical patient with particular focus on common techniques such as ovariohysterectomy, castration and basic dental procedures (including dental abscess management), as well as surgical emergencies including management of intestinal obstruction.

Learning objectives:

  • Familiarity with anatomy of rabbit patients
  • Awareness of common surgical conditions
  • Knowledge of standard techniques for common surgical procedures
  • Knowledge of available analgesic options for surgical patients
  • Confidence in approaching rabbit surgical cases

Marie Kubiak graduated from Bristol University following placements within zoos and exotic animal practice. She spent two years as a first opinion exotics vet in Kent, before undertaking a 3 year European College of Zoological Medicine and RCVS residency. She has completed the RCVS certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice (Zoo Medicine), and the RCVS Diploma in Zoological Medicine. She is an RCVS Recognised Specialist in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine and is currently based in the Midlands working as a freelance consultant in zoo and exotic animal medicine and surgery.

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