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In order to engage and motivate others, it helps to understand them – and yourself – better. This is particularly true of those in your team who just never seem to be on your wavelength. It is easy to blame them and feel they are somehow ‘wrong’ and you are ‘right’. But what if it was just down to individual personality? There is growing evidence that behavioural profiling is an incredibly useful tool for those managing teams to gain a better understanding of themselves and those they work with, in order to maximise team performance and harmony.

Carolyne Crowe, a master practitioner in DISC behavioural profiling, vet and performance coach, describes personality profiling and explains how she has successfully used it in veterinary practice to help individuals work better together and managers get the most from their teams. She will also explain how an understanding of different personalities can help everyone in the practice manage the more challenging clients. It isn’t essential to know your own profile to attend this course, but it may help you get more from it. For that reason, Carolyne is offering all attendees their own personality profile ahead of the day at a generous discount.

Speaker: Carolyne Crowe

Who will benefit: Everyone and anyone. This course will help you to understand yourself and others better and help you with personal and professional relationships.

The day will start at 10:00am and finish at 4:30pm. Workbooks, CPD certificates, lunch and refreshments are included.

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