eCPD Respiratory Disease

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About the course

A series of five videos on Respiratory Disease with Fiona Adam.

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The diagnosis and management of respiratory disease in cats and dogs can quickly become a labyrinth, with multiple paths of possible aetiologies often leading to diagnostic tests that result in a dead end and polypharmacy treatment complicating the picture further. This course will aim to straighten the path from presentation to diagnosis and management, with a step-by-step guide to which diagnostics to use when, how to interpret chest x-rays properly and how to handle (or not!) those fragile dyspnoeic patients.

Topics to be covered include:

-Diagnostic tools in investigating respiratory disease

-A hands off approach to the dyspnoeic patient

-Feline asthma- what’s new

-The dog with the chronic cough

-Angiostrongylus: separating fact from fiction

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