Leadership and Management Skills ~ Motivation

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Leadership and Management Skills - Motivation


The ability to inspire others to do their very best is a vital leadership skill to possess, but it's not always simplistic to achieve. Staff can become domotivated for many reasons, and turning that around and providing ongoing motivational goals is the key to success. As you know, all of your team members are individuals, so not all motivators work for all people - and we have to work out what strategies will work best for each team member.

This online 3 week course will offer you an insight into the theory, tools and techniques that lie behind motivation, and will help you with both self and team motivation, troubleshooting motivation issues, and working out a clear way forward for different team members.


You will work through this topic with your tutor, Louise Monsey, and come away from the course with practical, feasible ideas for motiviating your team that you can't wait to try out, and that will help your team to give you their very best.

The course runs over 3 weeks, counts as 8 hours' CPD and is active and interactive learning.

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