eCPD An Update on Pain Assessment and Analgesia

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About the course

A 4 part series on Feline Anaesthesia and Analgesia with Fernando Martinez.

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Course synopsis:

Our patients can be very adept at hiding pain, often they exhibit more complex behavioural and physiological changes in response to pain rather than overt signs. It is important that we are able to recognize and treat pain effectively- not only for the welfare of our patients, but pain has also been proven to have a detrimental effect on healing. Using video presentations and case examples this  course will commence with the recognition of pain behaviours in cats and dogs, physiological changes that can be used to detect pain, and how to assess pain in our anaesthetised patients. A complete revision of painkillers will be discussed including new drugs, new routes and new uses to aid in providing gold standard pain management in practice.

Topics to be covered include:

-Recognition of pain behaviours and physiological changes that indicate pain

-Pain scales- why are they useful and how to use them in practice

-Analgesia- a complete revision of pain relief.



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