eCPD Dermatology- A Logical Approach to the Pruritic Dog

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About the course

A 4 part video series with Ariane Neuber and Stephen Shaw on the pruritic dog.

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This series of videos seeks to provide the practitioner with a very practical, clinically oriented, detailed approach on how to work up dogs with one of the most common presenting signs: pruritus. The series will give practitioners the tools to systematically work through cases of pruritus, explain the different diseases that can cause this non-specific clinical sign, discuss the different tests used to diagnose pruritic disease and explain the therapeutic interventions available.

Topics covered include:

-Differentials for the pruritic dog
-A systematic protocol for work up that can be used in all puritic cases
-The best treatment protocols to use, including a polypharmacy approach
-Case based examples​

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