eCPD The Role of Nurses in Feline Chronic Kidney Disease & FLUTD

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  • Speciality Feline, Nursing
  • Course type Online
  • Job Role/Target Audience Student
  • Skill level Introduction, Intermediate
  • CPD Hours 6

About the course

 A series of five videos with Martha Cannon on the role of nurses in feline chronic kidney disease and FLUTD.

***The cost of this course (£35 + VAT) also includes unlimited access to for 1 full month, allowing you to view hundreds of hours of certified CPD lectures on a huge variety of topics!**

The veterinary nurse plays an important role in the diagnosis and long term management of chronic kidney disease and lower urinary tract disease, but both can be frustrating cases to diagnose and manage successfully. This series will give viewers the confidence to manage these commonly presented patients both in and out of the clinic environment.

Topics to be covered include:
Urine analysis- what can we learn, when should we test and what for?
Chronic kidney disease- interpretation of diagnostic tests, inpatient and out patient care.
Hypertension- how often to check and what do the numbers mean
Lower urinary tract disease- advances in the understanding of its causes and current approaches to treatment.
Urethral obstruction- emergency management to reduce anaesthetic risk, which catheters to use and when.​

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