Creating a Rabbit friendly practice & Nurse clinics - Jo Hinde

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Keeping rabbits calm in practice can be hard as most clinics are primarily set up to treat cats and dogs. This presentation will discuss a range of environmental, protocol and handling options that can make it easier for you to provide good levels of care for these patients. It will also include a brief overview of a rabbit’s general needs whilst hospitalised and key areas like diet and behaviour.

Nurses are perfectly placed to provide owners with a wealth of reventative healthcare information and the second part of the presentation will focus on what types of nurse clinics are suitable for rabbits and how best to structure these.

This will include different approaches such as combining multi modal and telemedicine options with the more traditional ‘in house’ visits. It will also discuss the benefits of pre-purchase and pre-operation appointments.

This lecture is suitable for all practice staff working towards, or supporting students through the VN Diploma.

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