Pet Bereavement & Staff Wellbeing Seminars

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About the course

Pet Bereavement Support (1 ½ hours CPD)

Presented by Lisa Howe

Lisa, a pet bereavement counsellor and qualified veterinary nurse, will help you improve the support given by the practice team to clients before, during and after euthanasia.  With some veterinary practices suffering up to a 19% attrition rate after euthanasia the seminar looks to increase client retention through introducing practical ways of helping clients through the process.

“I strongly believe that there are huge benefits for the Practice by improving bereavement support.  Showing compassion & support to clients is not only the right thing to do it reduces stress, improves relationships and increases client retention.”  

Judith Sussex, Head of Customer Care, Kynoch Veterinary Group

The workshop will cover:

Understanding Pet Bereavement

What things to discuss & when

Why Best Practice is so important

How to deliver the necessary information 

Practical ways to improve the Euthanasia process

Supporting the Client after the event

Pet Bereavement Counselling

Entry Requirements:

This seminar will benefit any member of the practice team who is a part of the euthanasia process (Receptionists, Veterinary Nurses, Veterinary Surgeons)

Staff Wellbeing (1 ½ hours CPD) 

Presented by Gary Turner

Gary is a multiple world title holder across three different sports and is now a respected hypnotherapist and sought after speaker.  This Wellbeing workshop will give you the practical tools to help you overcome the every day stresses encountered in the veterinary practice.  Gary wants to help you improve your physical, mental and social wellbeing which ultimately leads to better morale, teamwork and productivity.  This workshop is designed to explain, inform, discuss and present ways in which we can help ourselves to improve both our healthspan and wellness.  ‘Healthspan’ is defined as achieving longevity, whilst also having good health. ‘Wellness’ can be defined as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.  As you can see, healthspan and wellness work well together.

“Gary's seminar on Wellness really does help increase staff wellbeing.  It assisted our team to adopt positive thinking towards the everyday challenges in our work environment.”  

Eddie Knighton, Station Manager, TAG Farnborough Airport Fire Service.

The workshop will cover:

•             Understanding stress in the workplace

•             Practical methods to create positive habits

•             Recognising signs of stress & ways to support each other

•             Developing personal Health & Wellbeing

•             Maintaining Mindfulness 

Entry Requirements:

This seminar will benefit all members of the practice team 

Lunch & refreshments are included, so please let us know about any special dietary requirements via the online booking form.

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