eCPD An Update on Parasites and Pet Travel

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  • Speciality Parasitology
  • Course type Online
  • Job Role/Target Audience Student
  • Skill level Introduction, Intermediate
  • CPD Hours 4

About the course

A series of 5 videos on parasites and implications for pet travel by Ian Wright.

***The cost of this course (£35 + VAT) also includes unlimited access to for 1 full month, allowing you to view hundreds of hours of certified CPD lectures on a huge variety of topics!**

The threats posed to pets and their owners by parasites is growing with increased pet travel, parasite movement and climate change, and nurses are at the forefront of fielding questions and concerns from pet owners about the risks they face. The wide range of parasiticides now on the market means we have never been better armed to deal with the parasites pet cat and dogs carry. The variety of options can be confusing however, and are only useful when combined with effective parasite knowledge and control advice. This series will refresh knowledge about clinically important pet parasites, their treatment and control. How this can be used in practice, both in domestic parasite control programs and also in pet travel clinics will then be discussed with case examples.

This series will give delegates the confidence to discuss parasite control, design individual preventative regimes for clients, as well as provide general practical advice on travelling with pets.

Topics to be covered include:

-An update on pet parasites
-An introduction to the important diseases and ways to prevent them
-Formulating individual preventative regimes for clients
-Pet travel clinics

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