eCPD The Inappetent Cat

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  • Speciality Nursing
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  • Skill level Introduction, Intermediate, High
  • CPD Hours 6

About the course

A seven part series by Martha Cannon exploring the common causes of inappetence in cats and practical nursing approaches.

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Poor appetite is a common problem in cats and is a feature of a wide range of diseases and problems. Dehydration, pain and stress can also be very significant contributing factors. Finding ways to overcome inappetence and to encourage good levels of food intake are essential for recovery and the best approach to this will depend on the underlying cause.
This video covers the common causes of inappetence in cats and looks at practical nursing approaches to their management:

Topics covered include:

-Common causes of inappetance- nausea, respiratory compromise, pain, dehydration and stress
-Effective ways of managing the causes of inappetance
-Tips on methods to try and encourage appetite
-Placement and management of the commonly used feeding tubes


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