Leadership and Management Skills ~ An Introduction to UK Employment Law

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Leadership and Management Skills - UK Employment Law


Do you understand the basic legalities of an employment contract? Has a staff member ever asked you about something in their contract? Do you recruit and manage employees in your practice? Knowledge and application of employment legislation is necessary at any level of personnel management, yet can be a confusing and rather daunting topic!

This two week online, interactive, and fully tutored module will offer an introduction to UK employment law and enable you to perform a review of your practice contracts and written documents.

This is a vital module for anyone who is in a position of managing or employing people, or influencing people-related processes in practice, and will offer a sound basis for moving onto further topics covering staff management issues.


We will look at:

European law and how it is formulated.

Employment Tribunals, how they work and potential outcomes

Why contracts are necessary, and what forms the contract

Revising and issuing contracts


By the end of this module, successful candidates will be able to:

Review practice legal compliance with regard to written documentation

Review employment contracts

Prepare a draft contract for review by the Practice

Understand how to revise and issue changes to contracts for existing staff




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25 Sep 2017 Online Book now

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