Foundation course in Veterinary Acupuncture

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About the course

The ABVA Foundation Course is primarily a practical one for veterinary surgeons who are new to acupuncture or those who wish to refresh their knowledge. The information we give you stands firmly on a Western clinical diagnosis and an understanding of acupuncture’s neurophysiological mechanisms.

The Foundation Course gives a tuition in the science of acupuncture over three fascinating days, followed by basic traditional concepts of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture on the fourth day. Experience in point finding and needling in various species will be gained from practical labs and animal acupuncture demonstrations provided on each of the course days. Safety issues in humans and animals are fully explained.

  • Taught by internationally recognised lecturers with a wealth of acupuncture experience
  • The only UK acupuncture course to include an introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Learn how to practice acupuncture safely in practice
  • Hands-on practical sessions every afternoon
  • 2 x 2 days teaching allows time for reading and practice between sessions
  • The first step towards ABVA Certification
  • One year membership to ABVA included in the course fees

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