Dentistry for Veterinary Nurses

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This day will start with a recap of anatomy and common dental / oral conditions initially, along with how to identify them, accurately record the problems and provide an overview of appropriate treatments. We will then explore common dental equipment, how to care for the instruments and how to prepare for dental / oral procedures. Finally, we will think about preventative healthcare and support of patients and clients alike in our endeavour to promote and maintain optimal oral hygiene.

Specific areas to be covered:

• Recap skull anatomy, tooth structure and the structure of the peridontium

• Tooth numbering and terminology relating to the oral cavity

• A healthy mouth, gingivitis and progression to periodontitis, and other common problems

• How to identify problems (conscious and under GA), charting and an overview of treatments

• Equipment identification, care and maintenance

• Dental machine use, care and maintenance

• Dental radiography principles

• VN assistance and role in theatre

• The benefits of oral home care and dental clinics

• Products available and their uses

• How to establish a dental clinic and how to run it effectively


Speaker: Claire BloorMA Ed, BSc (Hons) VN, PGCE, QTLS, CertVN (Dent), RVN


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25 Jun 2020 Holiday Inn Coventry Book now

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