Improving British Wildlife Care in Your Practice

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All veterinary practices will see some British wildlife from time to time and often veterinary nurses are required to deal with these animals. 

There are both legal and ethical considerations when dealing with wild animals. Wildlife casualties are not exotic pets and the requirements for their care are very different. 
‘Triage’ of wild animals to ensure their suitability for eventual release, should be followed by appropriate first aid and necessary treatment and the rehabilitation of the animals before they go back to the wild is also key to a successful release. 
When carried out correctly, dealing with wildlife casualties can be very rewarding.
This half day course will cover the following points:
  • Legal responsibilities when dealing with wild animals
  • How to make ‘triage’ decisions for wildlife casualties
  • Providing appropriate first aid for wildlife casualties including fluid therapy, analgesia and bandaging
  • Care of wild animals in captivity, including in veterinary practices


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04 Oct 2019 CAW Edinburgh Book now

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