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Animals with skin disease is one of the commonest reasons for owners taking their pet to the vet. As a Veterinary Nurse working in general practice, you will have seen many itchy dogs and cats coming for investigation and treatment. The diagnosis and treatment can be a challenge and often involves long term care of the animal. The Veterinary Nurse can play an important role in these cases, often being the first line of contact for owners with “itchy” dogs and also for long term cases which often require lifelong therapy and advice. 

This course will cover the common skin problems and how nurses can play a key role in the diagnosis and management of these animals.

Learning points gained during this session:

  • Common causes of itchy dogs and cats
  • How can we investigate and diagnose what is causing the itch
  • Nurses role in management of itchy cases


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03 Oct 2019 CAW Edinburgh Book now

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