Chronic Osteoarthritis Management: A Whole New Opportunity for Vet Nursing

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A series of seven videos with Professor Stuart Carmichael on osteoarthritis and the role vet nurses can play in its management.

Osteoarthritis is a very common, debilitating problem in our pet population and is often not managed as well as it could be. Dogs deserve a better deal, with more attention paid to reducing chronic pain and enabling improved mobility and a better quality of life. We know that long-term assessment and management are the best ways of achieving this but this does not fit into the normal schedule of the standard practice.

As we learn more about OA we realise that there are exciting possibilities for change using global or multimodal management techniques.  This video series explores how nurses can make a difference by learning new skills and using them in special OA clinics to provide better and lasting care for affected pets.

Topics covered include:

  • New facts about OA that change management options
  • How chronic pain differs from acute pain; and needs a different approach
  • How to assess a dog with OA
  • Looking at treatments that work well and some that do not work so well
  • Nursing clinics as OA clinics – assessments, multimodal management and recording outcomes


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