Advanced Soft Tissue Surgery - Liver and Biliary Tract Surgery

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Key Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the physiology of the liver and biliary system.
  • Describe available surgical options for liver lobectomy and the prognosis associated with hepatic neoplasia in the dog and cat.
  • Outline the pathophysiology of hepatic abscesses and cysts.
  • Discuss the pathophysiology and clinical presentation of extrahepatic biliary obstruction and gallbladder mucocele.
  • Be familiar with the clinical presentation of traumatic biliary rupture and the surgical procedures required to treat it.

Includes a practical session where liver lobectomy (sutured and stapled), cholecystectomy and cholecystoduodenostomy (sutured and stapled) can be practised.


Start date Location / delivery
31 Jul 2019 Alexandra House, Swindon Book now

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