1338 Everything you always wanted to know about Ophthalmology

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About the course

Ophthalmology cases can be challenging to deal with in first opinion practice. In an ideal world, you would have access to an experienced colleague at all times for advice, and the option to refer if required. However, in the real world, you often have to make decisions without support. Sometimes you have to deal with cases that you would rather refer if the circumstances allowed. On this course you’ll get the answers about ophthalmology that will help you to deal with your patients more effectively and with considerably less stress in first opinion practice.

What you’ll learn:

  • How do I know whether a red eye is uveitis or glaucoma if I can’t measure intraocular pressure?
  • What is the best treatment for conjunctivitis in the dog?
  • How do I decide what treatment to use for a corneal ulcer?
  • What treatment is best for an acute glaucoma where the owner can’t afford referral?

Course Tutor: David Williams MA VetMB PhD CertVOphthal FRCVS

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