Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation for Veterinary Nurses

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This CPD course is for veterinary nurses working in a small animal practice who want to learn more about physiotherapy and rehabilitation for small animals.  During this course the learner will explore the various areas of veterinary physiotherapy and rehabilitation and consider the relevance to their individual practice.

The Veterinary Nurse is ideally positioned to provide early physiotherapy treatment to the post operative patient.  For best results physiotherapy should start immediately after surgery or even before.  Following the early stages of recovery, the rehabilitation programme can begin.  The addition of tailored exercise prescription to the post operative care regime will see improved case outcomes and client satisfaction. This CPD will provide an overview of the subject of physiotherapy and rehabilitation in the veterinary practice and tips and advice about how to manage patients with various conditions.  The final lesson in this CPD will consider the options open to veterinary nurses who would like to develop their skills and knowledge in this area and give advice on how to open a rehabilitation clinic within the practice.

CPD Course content

  • What is physiotherapy and rehabilitation?
  • Musculoskeletal injury and dysfunction
  • Therapeutic exercise rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation for the OA and Orthopaedic patient
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation for the Neurological patient.
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in practice – progress your skills into rehabilitation and set up a rehabilitation centre at your practice.


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