Non Reproductive LA (Bovine/Ovine) Ultrasonograhy

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Identification of common lung and pleural pathologies

OPA diagnosis (Ovine)

Diagnosis of endocarditis & confirmation of septic pericarditis, cardiac tumours etc..

Using ultrasound findings to select antibiotic therapy

Monitoring response of respiratory disease to antibiotic therapy 

Application after respiratory disease outbreak 

Diagnosing peritonitis, liver abscess, pyelonephritis and intestinal torsion.

Early diagnosis of urolithiasis and secondary hydronephrosis

Detection of liver pathology

Identification and differentiation between peritoneal exudate and transudate (ovine)

Reproductive - Identification of epididymis, orchitic/sperm granuloma (ovine) 


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05 Jun 2019 Mere House Farm, Weaverham Cheshire CW8 3PY

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