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This 1-Day CPD looks at ways you can provide Gold Standard Bereavement Supportfor your Clients.


As Veterinary Professionals, we work with individuals and families facing grief and loss on a daily basis and this can be one of the most challenging and emotive aspects of working in Veterinary Practice. Grief affects people’s mental health and general wellbeing and it is our responsibility to be able to recognize when a client requires our validation of loss and further support. Failure to give adequate support can reinforce the pet owners feelings of disenfranchised grief, leaving them with overwhelming feelings of profound loss and guilt. We must be aiming to assist with resolution and healing. Providing more proactive compassionate care and having a deeper understanding of the bereavement stages and how this manifests in our clients, will help to prevent this emotional trauma and the resulting client loss. 

This accredited CPD course will cover the skills required to fully support Pet Owners, Yourself and the whole Veterinary Team during the difficult Euthanasia and Bereavement stages. 

Upon completion of this 1-Day course, you will receive a Pet Bereavement Support Advisor Lapel Badge along with your CPD Certificate worth 7-Hours. 

Come along and share your experiences on this emotive subject with other practices in a fun, relaxed and supportive environment or if you can’t attend why not enroll on our fully online eCPD course at:

Unit 1: The Client Journey: Providing Exceptional End-of-Life Support

  • Providing exceptional End-of-Life support
  • Looking at different types of bond and how we can relate these to our clients.
  • How to adapt our care and understanding with our clients who have special needs. 

Unit 2: How the Veterinary Team can help?

  • The Important Role of the Pet Bereavement and Loss Advisor in Practice
  • Counselling and Emotional Support Skills
  • Assessing Client Support Needs,Make Client Support Exceptional
  • Guidance on Effective Communication and listening at this sensitive time. What to Say and What not to Say
  • Supporting each other and managing Compassion Fatigue
  • How to Approach the Subject of Payment with Sensitivity at this Time
  • Remembrance, Rituals and Client Support Resources Available

Unit 3: Grief and the Bereavement Process

  • Understand the 5 Stages of Grief.
  • A Detailed look at different types of Grief and how to identify these in our clients.
  • Children and Pet Loss
  • Grief in Surviving Pets
  • The Elderly and Pet Loss


Carrie Ball ACC. Dip.PBC and Cert 

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