Small Animal Nutrition

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This course will cover the information you need to answer owners’ questions about what to feed their puppies, kittens and adult dogs and cats, including questions about homemade diets, raw feeding, vegetarianism, natural diets, and diets free from grains or glutens. You will learn how to understand and compare pet food labels including the ingredient list and nutrient information. Moving on from healthy pets, the course will discuss nutritional therapy for chronic kidney disease, lower urinary tract disorders including urolithiasis, dermatological disorders, and an over view of diet in gastrointestinal disorders.

Course modules:

  • Nutritional assessment of pet and diet including calorie requirements, basic dietary requirements in the EU (including the UK), understanding pet food labels, sources of reliable nutrition information.
  • Life stage feeding including maintenance, growth, reproduction, senior pet diets, diets for weight loss and maintenance, dental diets and treats
  • Alternative and raw food diets – what is the evidence?
  • Dietary management of chronic kidney disease – the most important part of CKD therapy
  • Dietary management of lower urinary tract diseases including feline interstitial cystitis and urolithiasis.
  • The role of diet in dermatological disorders
  • An over view of diet in gastrointestinal disorders


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