Advances in Canine Dermatology

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About the course

This course will update you on current good practice in the approach to, diagnosis of and treatments for dermatological problems in dogs.

There 6 modules on the most common dermatological diseases that you are likely to encounter in general practice, plus MCQ’s.

Each module is composed of notes, webisodes and a case study.

The webisodes are short episodes of a longer presentation, which makes it easier to watch and catch up with when you have little time, without having to sit and listen to the full presentation. They will cover pathogenesis, clinical aspects, diagnosis and treatment of each condition. Each webisode is about 10-15 minutes long, as opposed to the full 60-minute presentation.

The case study will have a short history with pictures of the case and questions on the case. The work up, final diagnosis and management of each case can be discussed in the forum accompanying this course. In each of the cases there are different options to be considered.
The modules are:

1) Diagnosis, treatment and management of atopic dermatitis

2) Diagnosis and management of adverse food reactions in the dog

3) Ectoparasitic diseases

4) Diagnosis and management of pyoderma

5) Immune-mediated diseases in dogs

6) Diagnostic approach to dogs with otitis externa

7) MCQs

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